Swimming Lessons: What to bring?

From our previous post, we have shared the appropriate attire for swimming lessons. This post serves to furnish you with more information to get you better prepared for the first swimming lesson. Here are a few things that are typically required for a swimming lesson:

  1. Swimming goggles
  2. Kickboard
  3. Swim Cap (optional)

Swimming goggles, or goggles in short, serve to enable relatively clear vision when your head is underwater. In addition, the goggles keep water out of your eyes which is an important feature for most beginner swimmers as it can be extremely uncomfortable for the uninitiated. So, how does one choose a pair of goggles? Our first piece of advice would be for the goggles to be of a good fit. In other words, adults should not be wearing kid-sized goggles and vice versa. If you happen to be myopic, you may wish to use optical goggles. However, do note that the refraction of light underwater means that you should opt for lower powered goggles.

Most instructors use kickboards as training aids to enable component training. For example, your instructor may want to work on your kicking, so he/she asks you to perform kicking drills. Although some instructors do provide kickboards for the lessons, it is wiser to purchase your own so that you may practice outside of lessons. So do ask your instructor for their opinion on the type of kickboards to purchase as different instructors may have different preferences for the conduct of their lessons.

The chlorine in the water can be damaging to your hair. As such, you may consider getting a silicone swimming cap to protect your hair. Also, if you get to the high performance level for swimming, it helps reduce drag. Some swim schools may issue swim caps to their students, but if they don’t, you can always get your own.

Now that you are properly equipped for the first swimming lesson, we hope that you will have an enjoyable and fruitful experience while learning how to swim.