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    Our instructors are highly experienced in teaching swimming. Trained in either Australian, Singaporean or UK systems, you can be sure that you are learning from the best!

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Singapore Group Swimming Lessons

Each group class usually have between 6 to 10 students, and the level of competency of the students in the class may not be the same. Lessons are generally conducted at Sport Singapore swimming complexes. However, if you would like to start a group class at your condo, do form a group of at least 4, and contact us to make arrangements.

Prefer to learn at your own pace instead? Check out Private Swimming Lessons instead!

To understand the difference between Group and Private swimming lessons, check out our post here. If you are still unsure as to which would be more suitable for you, we will be more than happy to help you. Just fill up the contact form or call us at 94327088.

Group Swimming Lessons
From $60per 4 lessons
  • 45mins to 1hr per lesson

The following is a list of some of the group swimming classes that are available. Do contact us if you cannot find any classes suited for you in the following list and we will find an instructor for you with group classes available at your preferred location.

Children Group Classes

Ref Code Location Day Time Level
BSC08 Bedok SAT 8:00 AM Beginner
BSC09 Bedok SAT 11:00 AM Beginner
BSC10 Bedok SUN 11:30 AM Beginner
BSC11* Bedok SAT 4:00 PM Beginner
BSC12* Bedok SAT 5:00 PM Beginner
BSC13* Bedok SAT 6:00 PM Beginner
BSC14* Bedok THURS 7:00 PM Beginner
BSC15* Bedok SAT 3:30 PM Beginner
JWSC01 Jurong West SAT 4:30 PM Intermediate
JWSC02 Jurong West SUN 9:30 AM Beginner
JWSC03 Jurong West SUN 9:30 AM Intermediate
JWSC04 Jurong West SUN 10:30 AM Beginner
JWSC05 Jurong West SUN 10:30 AM Intermediate
JWSC07* Jurong West SAT 3:30 PM Beginner
JWSC08* Jurong West SAT 5:30 PM Beginner
PRSC01 Pasir Ris SUN 4:00 PM Intermediate
PRSC02 Pasir Ris SUN 5:00 PM Beginner
PRSC03* Pasir Ris SUN 6:00 PM Beginner
PRSC04 Pasir Ris SAT 9:00 AM Beginner
TSC01 Tampines SAT 5:00 PM Intermediate
TSC02 Tampines SUN 9:00 AM Intermediate
TSC08 Tampines THU 6:30 PM Beginner
TSC09 Tampines THU 7:30 PM Beginner
TSC10 Tampines SUN 8:00 AM Beginner
TSC11 Tampines SUN 10:00 AM Beginner
TSC12 Tampines SUN 11:00 AM Beginner
TSC13 Tampines WED 6:30 PM Beginner
TSC14 Tampines THU 5:30 PM Beginner
DSC01 Delta FRI 4:00 PM BEG/INT
DSC02 Delta FRI 5:00 PM BEG/INT
DSC03 Delta FRI 6:00 PM BEG/INT
BBSC01 Bukit Batok SAT 9:00 AM Intermediate
BBSC02 Bukit Batok SAT 10:00 AM Intermediate
BBSC03 Bukit Batok SAT 11:00 AM Intermediate
BBSC04 Bukit Batok SUN 9:00 AM Intermediate
BBSC05 Bukit Batok SUN 10:00 AM Intermediate
BBSC06 Bukit Batok SUN 11:00 AM Intermediate
TPYSC05 Toa Payoh WED 4:00 PM Beginner
TPYSC06 Toa Payoh FRI 7:00 PM Beginner
TPYSC07 Toa Payoh SAT 5:00 PM Beginner
TPYSC08 Toa Payoh SUN 5:00 PM Beginner
TPYSC09 Toa Payoh SAT 2:00 PM Beginner
TPYSC10 Toa Payoh SAT 3:00 PM Beginner
HSC01 Hougang SAT 10:00 AM Beginner
HSC02 Hougang SUN 10:00 AM Beginner
HSC03 Hougang SUN 2:00 PM BEG/INT
HSC04 Hougang TUE 5:30 PM BEG
HSC05 Hougang WED 7:00 PM BEG
HSC06 Hougang SAT 3:00 PM BEG
HSC07 Hougang THURS 6:00 PM BEG
HSC08 Hougang FRI 6:00 PM BEG
HSC09 Hougang SAT 9:00 AM BEG
HSC10 Hougang SAT 10:00 AM BEG
HSC11 Hougang SAT 11:00 AM BEG
HSC12 Hougang SAT 3:00 PM BEG
HSC13 Hougang SAT 4:00 PM BEG
HSC14 Hougang SAT 5:00 PM BEG
HSC15 Hougang SAT 6:00 PM BEG
HSC16 Hougang SUN 8:00 AM BEG
HSC17 Hougang SUN 9:00 AM BEG
HSC18 Hougang SUN 10:00 AM BEG
HSC19 Hougang SUN 11:00 AM BEG
SSC01 Serangoon SUN 8:30 AM Beginner
SSC02 Serangoon FRI 5:00 PM Beginner
BISC01 Bishan SAT 10:30 AM Beginner
BISC02 Bishan TUE 7:00 PM Beginner
BISC04 Bishan SAT 8:30 AM Beginner
BISC05 Bishan SAT 11:30 AM Beginner
BISC07 Bishan SUN 10:00 AM Beginner
GESC01 Geylang East SUN 10:30 AM Beginner
GESC02 Geylang East SUN 5:30 PM Beginner
SKSC02 Seng Kang THU 5:30 PM BEG/INT
SKSC03 Seng Kang THU 6:30 PM BEG/INT
SKSC04 Seng Kang FRI 6:30 PM BEG/INT
SKSC05 Seng Kang SAT 10:00 AM BEG/INT
SKSC06 Seng Kang SUN 8:15 AM BEG/INT
SKSC07 Seng Kang SUN 9:15 AM BEG/INT
SKSC08 Seng Kang SUN 10:15 AM BEG/INT
TPYSC10 Toa Payoh FRI 7:00 PM BEG/INT
CCKSC01 Choa Chu Kang SAT 9:00 AM Beginner
CCKSC02 Choa Chu Kang SAT 9:45 AM Intermediate
YCKSC01 Yio Chu Kang SUN 9:00 AM Beginner
YCKSC06 Yio Chu Kang FRI 3:40 PM Beginner
YCKSC07 Yio Chu Kang SAT 9:30 AM Beginner
YCKSC08 Yio Chu Kang SUN 9:15 AM Beginner
CSC02 Clementi SAT 4:00 PM Beginner
CSC03 Clementi SAT 6:00 PM Beginner
CSC04 Clementi SUN 9:00 AM Beginner
CSC05 Clementi SUN 3:00 PM Beginner
CSC06 Clementi SUN 4:00 PM Beginner
AMKSC04 Ang Mo Kio SAT 10:00 AM Beginner
AMKSC05 Ang Mo Kio SAT 4:00 PM Beginner

Adult Group Classes

Ref Code Location Day Time Level
BSC03 Bedok FRI 8:00 PM Beginner
BSC04 Bedok TUE 8:00 PM Beginner
BSC05 Bedok THU 8:00 PM Beginner
BSC06 Bedok FRI 8:00 PM Beginner
SKSC01 Seng Kang WED 8:00 PM Beginner
TSC03 Tampines MON 7:00 PM Beginner
TSC04 Tampines MON 8:00 PM Beginner
TSC05 Tampines SAT 4:00 PM Beginner
TSC06 Tampines SAT 6:00 PM Beginner
TSC07 Tampines SUN 8:00 AM Beginner
JBSC01 Jalan Besar TUE 7:00 PM Beginner
BISC03 Bishan TUE 8:00 PM Beginner
BISC06 Bishan THU 7:00 PM Beginner
JWSC06 Jurong West SUN 4:00 PM Beginner
CSC07 Clementi WED 7:00 PM Beginner
CSC08 Clementi SUN 8:00 PM Beginner

*New class (Minimum 3 students before class will commence)