Swimming: Pregnancy

It is a common misconception that pregnant women should avoid exercising. On the contrary, exercise is beneficial to the pregnant woman and her unborn child. Swimming, in particular, has tremendous benefits for the expectant mother, which we will highlight in this article.

As compared to any other form of exercise on land, going for a swim is less strenuous on the expectant mother as the additional weight of the unborn child is offset by the buoyancy factor. At the same time, there are excellent cardiovascular benefits to be reaped from swimming. The fact that swimming is a low impact sport means that the joints are spared from unnecessary wear and tear. Last but not least, swimming also strengthens the muscles required to maintain a good posture.

Although we do encourage expectant mothers to go for the occasional dip in the swimming pool, we do believe that certain safety precautions should still be taken. The most important of all in sunny Singapore is the need to stay hydrated even though you are immersed in water during your swim. Should you feel unwell at any point in time during your pregnancy, please seek medical advice before going for a swim. It may also be wise to avoid overly exerting yourself during your pregnancy, so do swim at a comfortable pace.

So, if you know someone who is expectant, do share this post with them so that more people can reap the tremendous benefits of swimming. If you are an expectant mother, we wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy. 🙂