How to Buy Wetsuit for Children

Your child’s attention span will become shorter if he/she is feeling cold in class, and if this occurs frequently, your child may become reluctant to go for class. As a parent, you can play your part by getting your child the right swimwear.

Types of Wetsuits

There are 2 types of wetsuits that are commonly seen here in Singapore – the Full Suit, and the Shortie.

The Full Suit will cover the entire arms and legs of the wearer, and can offer more protection against the cold as compared to a Shortie, which ends above the elbows and knees. However, for the purposes of swimming lessons, a Full Suit is not recommended as it can restrict the movement of your child. The Shortie can keep your child warm, as long as the next 2 sections are taken into consideration.

Thickness of Wetsuits

Wetsuits come in a range of thickness, commonly between 1.5mm to 6mm. There are 2 things to note about the thickness of the wetsuit:

  1. The thicker it is, the better it is at keeping your child warm
  2. The thicker the wetsuit, the less flexible it becomes

The thickness to get for your child would depend on your child’s ability to withstand the cold. Generally, you would not want to get anything more than 3mm for a child as it can restrict the range of movements of your child.


A wetsuit is completely useless against the cold if the fit is not right. That is because the water will get into the suit from the various openings. As such, when selecting a wetsuit, get one that is a snug fit for your child.

Of course, children tend to outgrow the wetsuit fairly quickly. There are 2 things you can choose to do here – buy a cheap wetsuit that fits snugly, and change it frequently OR get a wetsuit that is slightly loose. Do note that wetsuits tend to stretch with use, so do not get one that is too loose initially.

Keep the points above in mind when getting your child the right wetsuit, and he/she will stay nice and warm while learning to swim!