Why Is The Pool Closed On A Sunny Day?

Have you ever been to the nearest swimming complex on a bright and sunny morning, only to find that it is closed? In this blog post, you will find 3 possible reasons for the swimming complex being closed.

Operating Hours

The first possible reason for the swimming complex being closed would be that you arrived at the complex outside of its operating hours. Some swimming pools are closed on certain weekday mornings for pool cleaning, and will only open from 2.30pm onwards on that day. Featured pools such as Jurong East Swimming Complex and Pasir Ris Swimming Complex are closed for the whole day for pool cleaning.


Swimming complexes may also be closed for an extended period for renovations. For example, Clementi Swimming Complex is closed from 1 Feb 2016 to 14 May 2016 for the replacement of metal roofing.

For the above 2 reasons, SwimInSG is here to help! Simply refer to our website here to check the operating hours of the swimming complex.


The public swimming complexes in Singapore will not allow the public to enter its premises when the pool is closed temporarily due to lightning activity in the area. While it may look bright and sunny at the swimming complex, ActiveSG’s protocol is to close the swimming complex when there is lightning activity within a few kilometres. This radius has been increased in the past few months for the safety of the public, resulting in increased occurrences of pool closures.

Now that you know what are the possible reasons for a swimming complex to be closed, be sure to check the pool operating hours as well as the lightning activity before heading down!