January 2015

Swimming Lessons: What to bring?

Swimming Lessons: What to bring?

From our previous post, we have shared the appropriate attire for swimming lessons. This post serves to furnish you with more information to get you better prepared for the first swimming lesson. Here are a few things that are typically required for a swimming lesson:

  1. Swimming goggles
  2. Kickboard
  3. Swim Cap (optional)

Swimming goggles, or goggles in short, serve to enable relatively clear vision when your head is underwater. In addition, the goggles keep water out of your eyes which is an important feature for most beginner swimmers as it can be extremely uncomfortable for the uninitiated. So, how does one choose a pair of goggles? Our first piece of advice would be for the goggles to be of a good fit. In other words, adults should not be wearing kid-sized goggles and vice versa. If you happen to be myopic, you may wish to use optical goggles. However, do note that the refraction of light underwater means that you should opt for lower powered goggles.

Most instructors use kickboards as training aids to enable component training. For example, your instructor may want to work on your kicking, so he/she asks you to perform kicking drills. Although some instructors do provide kickboards for the lessons, it is wiser to purchase your own so that you may practice outside of lessons. So do ask your instructor for their opinion on the type of kickboards to purchase as different instructors may have different preferences for the conduct of their lessons.

The chlorine in the water can be damaging to your hair. As such, you may consider getting a silicone swimming cap to protect your hair. Also, if you get to the high performance level for swimming, it helps reduce drag. Some swim schools may issue swim caps to their students, but if they don’t, you can always get your own.

Now that you are properly equipped for the first swimming lesson, we hope that you will have an enjoyable and fruitful experience while learning how to swim.

Swimming Lessons: What to wear?

Swimming Lessons: What to wear?

It may be your child’s first swimming lesson. It could also be your own first swimming lesson. As the date of the first lesson draws nearer, you start to worry about whether the lessons would be enjoyable. Some first time students of swimming may also have doubts about whether they would be able to pick up swimming as a sport. We believe the one thing that would definitely help improve your experience is to be dressed appropriately for class.

This leads us to the question, “what is appropriate for swimming lessons?”. Ideally, one’s swimwear should follow the following guidelines:

  1. Size
  2. Material
  3. Decency

Over the years, we have realised that beginner swimmers have difficulty picking up swimming should their swimwear be ill-fitting. Oversized swimwear tends to restrict movement and can be a safety hazard, especially for beginner swimmers. On the other hand, undersized swimwear is simply uncomfortable. Therefore, please ensure that the swimwear you choose is of the appropriate size!

Next, do note that cotton based clothing are not allowed at most swimming pools due to hygiene reasons. Please do ensure that your swimwear is made of non-cotton material. No zips or any other metal parts should be found on your chosen swimming attire as this may be a safety hazard for both you and other swimmers.

The concept of decency may vary from person to person but we will define the minimum required for swimming lessons. Please ensure that your swimwear is able to cover the private regions. We would also recommend avoiding the following; bikinis, thongs, man-thongs, etc.

If your swimwear is able to meet the above guidelines, you can be assured that the first swimming lesson would be much more enjoyable.

Swimming: Pregnancy

Swimming: Pregnancy

It is a common misconception that pregnant women should avoid exercising. On the contrary, exercise is beneficial to the pregnant woman and her unborn child. Swimming, in particular, has tremendous benefits for the expectant mother, which we will highlight in this article.

As compared to any other form of exercise on land, going for a swim is less strenuous on the expectant mother as the additional weight of the unborn child is offset by the buoyancy factor. At the same time, there are excellent cardiovascular benefits to be reaped from swimming. The fact that swimming is a low impact sport means that the joints are spared from unnecessary wear and tear. Last but not least, swimming also strengthens the muscles required to maintain a good posture.

Although we do encourage expectant mothers to go for the occasional dip in the swimming pool, we do believe that certain safety precautions should still be taken. The most important of all in sunny Singapore is the need to stay hydrated even though you are immersed in water during your swim. Should you feel unwell at any point in time during your pregnancy, please seek medical advice before going for a swim. It may also be wise to avoid overly exerting yourself during your pregnancy, so do swim at a comfortable pace.

So, if you know someone who is expectant, do share this post with them so that more people can reap the tremendous benefits of swimming. If you are an expectant mother, we wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy. 🙂

ad-hoc swimming

Too busy to exercise?

Did you resolve to increase the amount of exercise you do every week this New Year? How many times in a row have you resolved to do this but failed?

Many of you may find that your hectic schedules are getting in the way of your regular exercise. On days that you manage to get off work early, you may be just too tired to exercise. After all, an evening spent relaxing in your couch would probably be more enticing than dragging your exhausted bodies out for a jog.

For something more refreshing and easy on your body, how about going for a swim after work? According to Harvard Health Publications, swimming can burn as much calories as going for a jog. More over, we know from our previous post that swimming can help to alleviate stress, thereby making you feel better at the end of the day.

For those of you who would like to learn swimming, but are too busy to have regular lessons, we have come up with a new service! SwimInSG will be offering ad-hoc swimming lessons for busy individuals. For more information on these lessons that will fit well into your busy schedule, check it out here.

Have an awesome 2015!