Swimming: Stress Relief

Rush. Rush. Rush.

That is the essence of our fast paced society where everyone is rushing to meet deadlines, rushing for meetings, rushing to finish their meals so that they can continue to rush some more. Stressful, isn’t it?

Swimming is an excellent way to relieve some of that stress as it is shown to alleviate anxiety at an efficiency that is similar to yoga (Sawane & Gupta, 2013). After a long day at work, I’m sure most of you crave for some quiet, alone time to unwind. Rather than choosing to partake in a sedentary activity like watching television, why not go for a swim instead?

The repetitive strokes has an almost hypnotic effect which, when coupled with the soothing water, will grant you some relief from the stress. With the advances in technology, we have easy access to the people around us and vice versa. This can be a bane and a boon at the same time. We seek the high levels of connectivity that affords us much convenience but when we need time alone, we find it difficult to get disconnected. In the pool, you can get some respite from technology.

It is also said that our bodies release endorphins if we swim for more than 20 minutes (Evans, 2007), which promotes a sense of well-being. Endorphins are basically chemicals that help to relieve stress.

So, the next time you are stressed out, try going for a leisure swim at a swimming pool near you. This might be the quiet, alone time that you seek to de-stress effectively.

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